Adult Social Worker of the Year


Teresa Barrett

ORGANISATION: Livewell Southwest

AWARD(S): Adult Social Worker of the Year

The endless testimonials provided by service users, colleagues and members of Teresa’s local community for her nomination demonstrated that she is a much-loved social worker.


Growing up with a physical disability and difficult home life, Teresa didn’t have the easiest childhood. But this made her determined to help others facing similar difficulties, and she qualified as a social worker in 1981 aged 21 – the youngest on her course at the time.


During her 38-year-long career, Teresa has worked in a number of roles, including managing local care agencies and community-based services. In her current post as a hospital social worker, she has been instrumental in improving outcomes around hospital discharge and rehabilitation, including setting up an intergenerational project that involved local schoolchildren attending daily sessions with patients on physical rehab pathways.


She is credited by colleagues as “an asset beyond measure” – but what also makes Teresa stand out is the work she does in her own time, using her social work skills to support the homeless, soup runs and church-led groups for children. As one of the judges aptly commented, Teresa is a dedicated social worker who “truly lives the values of social work”.


An incredible set of commendations and a fascinating and impressive story of a career in social work that has led this social worker to be at the core of her community and profession. Very impressive submission. Hospital social work is a very challenging role and she has clearly made such a difference to those around her.

Mark Trewin, Mental Health Lead, Department of Health and Social Care

Teresa appears to have a genuine warmth and compassion, sees potential and devotes her time in both a professional and personal capacity to the betterment of her community. Teresa is rare. I wish we had more of her! But the good news is that we can - and I think we can all take a leaf out of Teresa's book. Thank you, Teresa, for what you do.

Jennifer Staude, Adult Social Worker of the Year Award Winner 2018

Her unique blend of humour, warmth and stoicism and her boundless hospitality both feed into, and from, her role as a social worker. However, what she has learned, experienced or put into practice would be insignificant had she not added the ‘special-ness’ that is ‘Teresa’

Feedback from people supported by Teresa

Within the role, Teresa is an asset beyond measure, but what very few people know about Teresa, is the work that she does in the community, selflessly giving up her own evenings, weekends or holiday to support the homeless, soup runs or children and local church groups. I’m proud to have Teresa as one of my social workers but I’m humbled by the work she so quietly undertakes on behalf of others, in our communities.

Andy Williams, Service Manager – Adult Social Care, Livewell South West


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