Team of the Year, Children’s Services


Pathway Team

ORGANISATION: East Riding of Yorkshire Council

AWARD(S): Team of the Year, Children's Services


East Riding council’s Pathway Team has put the needs of young people leaving the care system at the heart of what it does, and this is reflected in an impressive range of outcomes.


The team has ensured that 95% of young people are in suitable accommodation, and has well-established Staying Put arrangements, with 75% of care leavers remaining with their foster carers until they are 18, and 15% staying with carers when they become young adults.


Staff have also developed a strong partnership with local colleges, training providers, and the Jobcentre plus, which has seen 71% of care leavers go on to further education or employment. In some cases, young people who left school with no qualifications have been supported into a situation where they are thriving at a university or on an apprenticeship.


The service was rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted in December 2016, and the team credits its success to “getting the basics right and really understanding what works”. The judges said it was “lovely to see such a shining example”, and were impressed with the endorsements from young people the team has supported, who described staff as “loyal, dedicated, hardworking, and always there when needed”.

This entry showed a really strong focus on driving the pathway and the team were clear on the outcomes they wanted to achieve. It is lovely to see such a shining example.

Sharon Martin, Chair, National IRO Managers Partnership

Excellent results in terms of the team’s work with young people. It was very evident they are enabling young people to move on from the care system.

Richard Ashdown, London Borough of Redbridge

The Local Authority is immensely proud of this team and their successful outcomes for our young people. We have every confidence in the team’s approach to relationship building, their fantastic ‘stick ability’ and genuine desire to ‘look after’ our young people.

Pam Allen, Head of Children & Young Peoples Support & Safeguarding Services

The Pathway Team should win an award because the amount of support that I have received and also other young people have received is invaluable. Their dedication is unquestionable and I honestly would say if it wasn’t for the Pathway Team’s help and support then I wouldn’t be living in my own house with a young family, working full time and classed as a ‘success story’. They supported me to make me who I am today.

Former care leaver


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