Supporting Children in Education Award 2022


Charlotte Elliott

ORGANISATION: Devon County Council

AWARD(S): Supporting Children in Education Award 2022

Charlotte Elliott’s nomination described a tenacious and creative social worker whose commitment and dedication towards young people is ‘second to none’.  


Charlotte is based in a secondary school and works closely with the pastoral team, pupil coaches and the dedicated safeguarding lead to provide support to children. In this role she has worked incredibly hard to encourage educators to think holistically and understand the value of a restorative and relational approach, which her colleagues say has ‘completely changed’ how the school supports children to be present in their learning.  


Charlotte also started the role during the pandemic and has worked through more than one lockdown, but despite this extra challenge she supported children to continue their education in school and has consistently achieved positive outcomes. 


What really stood out about Charlotte is how she instills confidence in the children she supports and encourages them to dream big. She has supported children to attend school where this was previously not happening and has ensured that they benefit from bespoke educational packages. But Charlotte also looks beyond this and places a strong focus on supporting her young people to realise all their aspirations. As a result, there is a ‘real sense’ from their families that the children can achieve their goals and dreams.  


Supported by Staffordshire University.




Silver Award

Samantha Gilham, London Borough of Camden

Lauren Main, Gloucestershire County Council

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