Practice Educator of the Year


Djamila Aggabi

ORGANISATION: London Borough of Tower Hamlets

AWARD(S): Practice Educator of the Year

Warm, enthusiastic and approachable are just some of the qualities social work students appreciate about practice educator Djamila Aggabi, who’s been in the role since 2012.


But what Djamila is also well-known for is her anti-oppressive approach to practice education. She often takes students under her wing who have faced a breakdown in their first placement, or who need extra support developing their skills and knowledge, giving them a second chance to prove that they have what it takes to become social workers.


Whether it be helping students to overcome their fears of presenting to big groups, or securing additional shadowing opportunities, the testimonials included within her nomination reflected a practice educator who both nurtures and challenges her students.


She was described as recognising that student social workers are “the life blood” of the future of social work, and she is determined to instil confidence in those she mentors.


She also does all of this alongside her day job as co-team manager of the council’s Edge of Care service, where she is held in high regard by colleagues for her positive outlook and for always putting the children and families they support at the forefront of her thinking.


I am overwhelmed by the respect and commendations from others for Djamila. She has earnt everyone's respect and obviously has an excellent reputation as a good practice educator. The fact that she takes students that have already failed one placement or are struggling shows determination, compassion and resilience.

Wendy Ashton, Practice Educator of the Year Award Winner 2018

Takes students that need a second chance. I love this, seeing the potential in a social work student when the student doesn't see it themselves. Fantastic.

Sharon Stockwell, Team of the Year, Adult Services Award Winner 2018

Throughout my time on placement Djamila went above and beyond in all areas, she supported me with personal struggles which without her help I do not think I would have qualified. I am happy to say that today I started my first qualified job and I am proud to say that because of her support I have reached my goals and my children are very proud of their mother.

Student social worker

Djamila has always had a passion and commitment to providing an excellent training environment for student social workers. She recognises that student social workers are the life blood of the future of the social work profession and to this end she has always sought to create a nurturing and challenging practice environment.

Phillip Morgan, Group Manager – Children’s Resources, London Borough of Tower Hamlets


Maris Stratulis


Jacqueline Wolstenholme, Anglia Ruskin University

Julia Becker, Achieving for Children

Sarah Crockford, Hampshire County Council


Shelley Gill, Durham County Council

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