Overall Social Work Team of the Year 2022


The Team around Kasibba - Camden Integrated Learning Disability Service

ORGANISATION: London Borough of Camden and Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust

AWARD(S): Overall Social Work Team of the Year 2022

The multidisciplinary team around Kasibba stood out to the judges for their ‘dogged persistence’ to change someone’s life, even when, at times, everything was against them. 


The Camden team have spent six years working to achieve Kasibba’s release from a mental health hospital, where she has been inappropriately detained all her adult life. A Black African woman with Autism, Kasibba came into care at a time when there was little understanding of the condition and her behaviours were met with racism. In August this year, a judge was expected to agree that she could finally move to her own home.  


The team’s achievements are perhaps best summarised by Jess Mcgregor, Camden’s director of adult social care and integrated commissioning, who said: ‘Their refusal to accept the status quo, to call out the racism that has built up around Kasibba and their ability to articulate and embed a narrative of hope and achievement to replace that of danger and savagery is, in my experience, beyond compare.’   


The team around Kasibba never gave up and together they have fought long and hard for justice and the right outcome for their service user.  


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