Outstanding Contribution to Social Work


Lyn Romeo

ORGANISATION: Department of Health and Social Care

AWARD(S): Outstanding Contribution to Social Work

Lyn Romeo has an energy and passion for social work that is simply inspirational.


Growing up in rural New South Wales, Australia, the roots of a social work career began to take hold in Lyn’s teenage years, when she joined a youth movement at school. Since qualifying in 1977, she has worked in a number of roles spanning the spectrum of social work, from hospital discharge and child protection, to mental health and learning disability.


For the past six years, Lyn has worked tirelessly in her post as the Chief Social Worker for Adults’ to highlight the value and importance of adults’ social work. She has embedded the principal social worker role, battled for parity of esteem between health and social care practice, and ensured that the Care Act 2014 guidance is strengths and rights-based in its approach.


She’s also made time to visit social workers in every single local authority in the country, which is no mean feat! Credited by her peers as being responsible for some of the biggest changes in adult social work practice within a generation, it’s impossible to conclude that Lyn’s contribution to the profession has been anything other than outstanding.


I think Lyn’s main achievement is that she has worked tirelessly to put adult social work on the map. Lyn is an inspirational leader, a quiet radical, who is extremely personable and sometimes understated in her approach but tremendously impactful in terms of the change she has been able to affect. Lyn models adult social work at its best.

Rob Mitchell

Lynn’s energy and passion for social work is inspirational and is typified by her commitment to visiting every single local authority in the country.

Peter Hay CBE

Lyn has done so much for the profession. Always a positive ‘can do’ presence and a smiling face. Lyn has done so much to raise awareness of adult social work & her values shine though, typified by taking time out to care for her mother. Family first & social workers support families.

Joanna Nicolas

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