Outstanding Contribution to Social Work


Faye Wilson

AWARD(S): Outstanding Contribution to Social Work

Faye has over 40 years’ experience working in mental health social work as both a practitioner and manager. She has been instrumental in helping to influence government policy but has also remained at the forefront of practice, dedicated to the needs of service users.


Throughout her career Faye has striven to raise the profile of mental health social work, frequently acting as a media spokesperson and forming alliances with psychiatrists, nurses, occupational therapists and psychologists.


Passionate about promoting service users’ best interests, Faye has advised commissioners on proposed services and taken part in various expert groups. She has also campaigned on the bed shortage currently affecting mental health services and has argued against the removal of social workers from mental health trusts.


Although now semi-retired, Faye is the Chair of BASW’s mental health forum and is working with the Care Quality Commission as an advisor on the role of social workers and AMHPs to help improve mental health care standards.


The Trustees of the Social Worker of the Year Awards were impressed with Faye’s dedication to mental health services, particularly how she has shaped practice while remaining close to the frontline. They are delighted to be able to present her with this award.


A deeply committed social worker who always goes the extra mile for service users, Faye is motivated by a genuine desire to improve services and fly the flag for the key role that social work plays in mental health services.

Joe Godden, Professional Officer, BASW

Faye is a real rarity as someone in a senior position who has maintained frontline practice as a mental health social worker but has also been a brilliant campaigner in trying to improve care. She has influenced government policy but is also fiercely independent and is not afraid to show when services are under strain.

Ruth Smith, Editor, Community Care

Faye encompasses everything we are looking for in this award. She has enjoyed a long and distinguished career and has been instrumental in improving the reputation and understanding of the role of social workers to healthcare colleagues within the mental health profession.

Beverley Williams, Founder, Social Work Awards

The Board of Trustees is thrilled to present Faye with the Outstanding Contribution Award 2014. Everything she has achieved and campaigned for throughout her career has been for benefit of service users. She has consistently ensured their needs are at the forefront of the decision making process and the difference she has made is remarkable.

James Rook, Managing Director, Sanctuary Social Care

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