Lifetime Achievement


Carole Goodman


AWARD(S): Lifetime Achievement

As someone who has spent their lifetime dedicated to improving the lives of children and young people, Carole Goodman is a deserving winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award.


Carole started out as a trainee probation officer in 1978 and some of her early career achievements include setting up the first Sure Start centres in the North East, and managing the first high performing youth offending team in the area. She progressed through a number of management roles at North Tyneside Council before joining Cafcass in 2008 as a head of service, becoming assistant director of the organisation in 2016.


At Cafcass, Carole is respected as a deeply caring, compassionate and approachable leader and is known for stretching the boundaries of social work practice through her innovative programmes. Her successes – to name but a few – include her work to reform the nationally commissioned services that assist children and families in private law cases, and her review of Cafcass’ dispute resolution model, which helped shape the national private law programme, ultimately making children and parents safer as a result.


A devoted social worker, Carole has made a significant and lasting contribution to both central government policy and the lives of families facing breakdown.


A thoroughly committed individual who has devoted many years to improving services for separating families and developing innovative solutions to tackle operational issues. Also clearly provides a dynamic and personal approach to supporting the staff around her to get the best from them in their role.

Simon Shreeve, Creative & Innovative Social Work Practice Award Winner 2018

A very detailed evidence-based nomination which demonstrates clearly the impact Carole has had on the service and wider afield in relation to her lead on policy work and the impact for people who use the service. Carole’s personal support to colleagues is also impressive and gives the reader an impression of a candidate who is well respected both personally and professionally.

Brian Walsh OBE, Trustee, The Social Work Awards

Carole typifies the 'no-nonsense' approach to working. She provides unwavering support for her team and the people she works with, and has a knack for persuading people to think in new and bold ways. During the time I've worked with her, I have developed the upmost respect for her and often strive to be 'more like Carole'.

Laura Mills, Business Transformation Graduate, Cafcass

Carole is dedicated to improving the life chances of children and young people and has been at the forefront of all the key improvements and changes in Cafcass. She is well respected by her peers, staff and external partners.

Christine Banim, National Service Director, Cafcass


Anthony Douglas CBE

Elaine James

Lyn Romeo



Chris Denovan, Somerset County Council

Debbie Jones, London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Teresa Barrett, Livewell Southwest

Tony Wright, Forward Assist

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