Digital Transformation in Social Work Award 2022


Hull City Council

AWARD(S): Digital Transformation in Social Work Award 2022

Kingston Upon Hull’s Children in Care Council has led the creation of two digital projects that truly have the ‘wow’ factor and have already led to tangible service improvements.  


The first, a hard-hitting podcast, explores the experiences of children when there is a change of social worker and how painful this transition can be when not well planned. Staff have reflected on how the podcast makes them feel and discussed how they will adapt their practice as a result. It has also been used to produce new standards for change of social worker, and is being used routinely in social work induction, including for students. 


The second, an animated short film produced by My Pockets and entitled ‘Dream on’, tells the story of a child waking up in care for the first time. It was created by the council’s children and young people and narrated by a young looked after child. The film has received high praise, not just within the local authority, but across the nation too, with more than 2,000 views on YouTube so far. Following its premiere, chief social worker Isabelle Trowler tweeted: ‘This is so worth seeing before you start your working week everyone’.  


The digital transformation delivered by Kingston Upon Hull is moving and uplifting, and most importantly, it has the voices of children front and centre.  


Supported by West Midlands ADASS.




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