Championing Social Work Values


Social Workers Without Borders

AWARD(S): Championing Social Work Values


When the Social Workers Without Borders group started out, they ‘didn’t know how they could help’ the unaccompanied children living in the Calais ‘Jungle’ refugee camp, but with admirable dedication they have gone on to change lives, enabling refugees to seek safety in the UK.


The group was set up in March 2016 in response to the refugee crisis in Europe and initially took teams of social workers out to volunteer in the Jungle camp. Just over a year later, Social Workers Without Borders became a registered charity and continues to undertake an increasing amount of best interests and human rights assessments for unaccompanied children and vulnerable adults facing removal from the country, working entirely on a pro-bono, voluntary basis.


The charity is also committed to training social workers in this specialist area, providing knowledge that assists their day-to-day work. At the heart of their approach is a true commitment to the social work values of human rights, respect for diversities, collective responsibility and social justice.


The judges were impressed by this group of social workers who don’t just do the day job – but have also dedicated their own time to fighting for the rights of people who have none.

This charity do amazing work and champion social work values of human rights and social justice which underpins our profession. A very worthy nomination for the work they do in their day job, but even more so for the time they dedicate outside of their working hours.

Louise Watson, Student Social Worker of the Year Award Winner 2017

Social work without borders is a truly impressive example of the human spirit at its best - tackling social injustices and challenging unethical and inhumane practices and persistently endeavouring to make the world a better, more peaceful, more equitable place for all. Perhaps one of the most impressive social work movements I have ever seen.

Sharon Martin, Chair, IRO Managers Partnership

l must say this is the true meaning of championing social work values. This application ticks all what social work values - social justice, human services and human potential.

Clenton Farquharson MBE, Chair, Think Local Act Personal

It has astonished me that, in addition to an often stressful and extremely busy day job, that social workers have decided that they want to give up their time and make a passionate commitment to supporting those most vulnerable in our society, at a time when immigration has often elicited a negative narrative in the media.

Lynn King, Trustee, Social Workers Without Borders


Anthony Douglas CBE

Clenton Farquharson MBE

Leanne Baines

Louise Watson

Sharon Martin


Jenny Slee, North SomersetCouncil

Karen Pain, Bristol City Council


Sybille Radszun, Southwark Council

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